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At the stand this week

  • Studies Blend

    70/30 Ethiopia Sidamo Blend

    the bright, citrusy acidity of the cup is easily discerned and is enriched by the accompanying milk chocolately notes

  • Ethiopia

    Nguisse Nare Bombe Natural Anaerobic

    promises strong notes of cherry cordial and jam with a lovely long finish

coffee cherries on plant
latte with flower art in mug

Bringing Specialty to Life

Nara Coffee Stand is a boutique coffee micro-roastery, owned and operated by Stephan Viau in Middletown, MD. Nara Coffee Stand is wholly dedicated to the craft of specialty roasting--focused on bringing forward the most delicate and aromatic qualities to the cup you brew. Working with global-minded ethical importers ensures our coffees support small-lot farmers while remaining undoubtedly unique.

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